I'll be updating this page over time as I list my past projects, current projects and future projects.  The OS(es) listed next to each project show which OS that I compiled them on.  Most of my Qt code can run on Windows, OSX and Linux, I just probably only spent the time to compile them on a subset of those OSes.

  • Android app on Google Play NetworkingTest - A basic UDP sender and receiver (Qt - Windows, OSX, Android)
  • Android app on Google Play QML-Tic-Tac-Toe  - A basic tictactoe game that I wrote to learn how to use QML and to learn how to upload apps to the Google Play (QML - Android)
  • ROV Spy - A tablet application that shows the status of an ROV by listening in to the COM feed (Qt - Android, OSX, Windows, will port to Linux)
  • Jesuit Robotics - An Android QML/C++ based application that would sit on our ROV control network and display the status of the relays, motors and sensors of the ROV.
  • ROV controller for my robotics team (Qt - Windows and OSX, I stopped working on it since I am now the team's captain instead of being the head of programming)

  • Android app on Google Play BruinLyfe - An Android port of the Bruin Life app for iOS.  It lists dining hall hours and menu options for UCLA's on-campus dining. 
  • Monterey - FOSS ROV Controller (Qt - Windows, OSX, trying to port to Android)
  • Android app on Google Play Tahoe - Component of ROV-Suite that is a portable, touch based UI (QML - Windows, OSX, Linux, Android)
  • Arduino to Arduino ROV controller  (FOSS, Arduino) (Possibly replaced by Tahoe unless people ask for it)
  • Get it on Google Play Thumb Hypoplasia analysis app for Android useful for getting quantitative data about patients with a limited range of motion
  • GUI Git client for Android devices (shelved for right now due to schoolwork and various other more important projects)
  • Get it on Google Play UnitCircleQuiz - An app that helps you memorize the unit circle angles and coordinates

  • Some XML and database work (maybe use XML for rov-suite settings and make a custom bug tracker to learn about databases)