Tuesday, April 23, 2013

College Update

I've been really busy the past few weeks with college tours and scholarship interviews, and everything is finally coming to a close.  This next year, I will be attending the University of California, Los Angeles for Computer Science.  I can't wait!  Scholarship-wise, I have received a $10,000 scholarship from the UCLA Alumni Association and $10,000 from the Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation.  I have met more amazing people through both programs than I could have ever imagined and I highly recommend that people apply for both scholarships!

For the Coca-Cola scholarship, I was flown out to Atlanta, Georgia for a weekend of fun and interviews.  There were about 250 of us scholars and we listened to presentations, toured various landmarks and were interviewed by some Coca-Cola Alumni.  It was an amazing program!  I met outstanding high school seniors from all over the country that had started non-profits, worked for defense contractors and fought gang-violence in their communities (just to name a few).  I can't even begin to say how truly honored I am to have met them!

For the UCLA Alumni scholarship, I had to go through a 3 part competition with the other 30-something scholars from around California.  I had to miss the first day, which was team building and games, because I was in Atlanta for my interview, but the second day was a ton of fun!  I met many awesome people and I can't wait to go to school with them next year!

Thanks for stopping by and Go Bruins!

Chris Konstad

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Update: Spring Break, College Acceptances, etc.

Sorry for being so quiet for awhile.  I went traveling with my family during Spring Break and didn't have access to a computer or internet for almost 2 weeks.  It was great to unplug for awhile!

In other news, I found out that I was accepted by USC, UCLA and UCSD for computer science!  I'm pretty thrilled to be able to choose between such great schools!

Right now, I have a few small tweaks coming down the line for the Unit Circle Quiz android app.  I fixed a small UI bug and I'm adding a main menu screen.  I might add some other features soon, and maybe a "lite" version, but we'll see.  For my school, I have a fair amount of work to do with our school club directory app, so that'll take up more of my free time from now until just after it launches.  And finally, I have a ton of work (as usually) to do for my robotics team.  I'm kept pretty busy!

I have big plans for this summer (my first summer without summer homework, and also my longest summer vacation to date).  I want to push out a few more Android apps and write a BUNCH of QML/C++ tutorials as I more fully learn how to leverage them together.  The official release of Qt 5.1 will help out with that...

Thanks for stopping by!

Chris Konstad