Sunday, March 17, 2013


Good morning!  I have finally written and released my first paid-application!  It's called UnitCircleQuiz and I wrote it to help people memorize the unit circle.  It displays all of the angles in Radians and their corresponding coordinates within the unit circle.  The timer at the top records how long it takes you to complete the unit circle and the progress bar along the bottom shows you how far through the round you are.  Once completed, a high score list is shown with your best scores (percentage correct) and best times.

You can find it here:

For the technically inclined:  I wrote this app using QML and Qt C++, which was a pretty amazing experience!  I could easily and instantly test out any screen resolution and aspect ration by debugging the QML UI file as a native application on my computer.  If you're looking for a language to develop Android apps in, seriously consider QML and C++!

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Chris Konstad

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Important: Fixed Monterey 2.0.3Beta Download for Windows

So I found out over the weekend that my zip archive on SourceForge for Monterey was lacking one DLL that caused Monterey to not function.  I just fixed the issue and uploaded a new zip.  You can find it here.  I feel really embarrassed for letting such a glaring issue slide by for so many months.  Sorry if I caused any problems!

I'm thinking about shifting rov-suite from SourceForge to Github because I like Github's social features and Github is just generally more polished.  If I do that, the executable binaries will be hosted elsewhere, maybe in the public folder of my DropBox, and linked to the Github page.

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