Monday, August 6, 2012

Update: Monterey 2.0.3 Beta

I've been busy for the past several days hunting down bugs in Monterey 2.0.3 before I can release the code.  They've been tricky to find (since they rely on nothing but poor timing and therefore happen randomly when certain conditions are present), but luckily they've been easy to fix.  I plan on releasing Monterey 2.0.3 Beta this week.  It's working great on OSX but I need to test it on Windows before I'll feel comfortable releasing it.  OSX seems better at handling empty QLists than Windows, so that's mainly what I'll be looking for.

Monterey 2.0.3 Beta mainly adds the ability to read joystick buttons and a joystick's POV hat.  From there, you can trigger relays and increment/decrement each servo.  I'll post more information about it when I release it.

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Chris Konstad

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