Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mobile App Making Club

My school has decided to create a mobile app (iOS, Android) club where students can learn how to write apps.  The teacher in charge of the club has been asking for my input and help recently.  He wants to make it so that people in the club can write an app for one OS and compile it for the other OS without rewriting it.  He talked about using Google's new "translator," although if I recall correctly, that can't touch the UI code.  That means the students will have to rewrite the UI wrapper for their converted backend code.  I'm thinking about suggesting that they use Qt with QML (Necessitas for Android and Qt4iOS for iOS support), although I'm worried because of the status of both projects.  I don't know if new programmers should learn with projects that are relatively new because of the problems those newer projects could impose (including a higher barrier to entry).

Is there a better way to write apps for both platforms (using "real" code, not blocks and not using HTML5)?

Please leave any suggestions in the comments!



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