Friday, June 14, 2013

What's Kept Me Busy the Past Week

This is the new Unit Circle Quiz, rewritten from the ground up in Java.  I decided to start doing my Android development the "proper" way, using Java instead of C++ and JNI.  I'm really pleased with how my app runs!  And while I still have a ton of reading and learning to do, I am LOVING Android's activities, intents and fragments!  I also love how the resources are split up, the strings.xml file (among others) and I really love the IDE.  I'm using the buggy and sometimes unstable Android Studio, but the feature set is fantastic.  I really cannot wait for Google to polish it up some more because, while not quite there yet, it is becoming an awesome IDE.

The new Unit Circle Quiz app has a lot of firsts for me.  It's my first Java application, ever.  It is my first app that has access to the Android APIs.  It is my first app that uses a SQLite database.  It's my first app with haptic feedback.  And... it will be my first app to have a free, ad-supported version alongside the normal paid version.  My goal is to release both versions of this app before I leave for Seattle for the MATE 2013 International ROV Competition with my robotics team, but we'll see what my schedule allows.  For now, the paid version has been updated.

Get it on Google Play

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Chris Konstad

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