Sunday, October 27, 2013

Recent Developments: College Life and Bruin Lyfe

I haven't really had time to post recently because of college.  I moved in and I have been kept busy with my classes.  After getting here, I found out that someone developed an iOS app called Bruin Life, which had dining hall menus among other information.  Sadly, he never ported it to Android, so a floormate and I decided to fix the situation ourselves.  Over the past few weeks, he and I been developing our own app and it's coming along great!  You can see in the screenshots above that it lists all of the dining hall hours.  When the  user clicks on a time (i.e. De Neve lunch), it opens up another activity that lists the menu for that time period.  More updates will be coming, so stay tuned!

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Chris Konstad

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  1. Too bad you never listened to a business person during this time and scaled it to other schools.