Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Minor Setbacks

I have some semi-bad news (luckily it's not too bad)!  First off, I downloaded an IP camera app for my iPhone, and while trying to get it to work with Qt, I realized something: I don't know how to get the data from the IP camera chips that Nick and I are planning to include on the official ROV-Suite PCB!  I'll need to find out how the data is sent from the chips (jpg, mjpg, etc) before I can continue development on Bodega (the piloting GUI).

Also, I ran Monterey through Doxygen today and I was shown that I don't know how to properly add the comments and information in my code.  So I'll be spending some time adding more Doxygen information in my Monterey code soon.  That will, of course, delay the distribution of the Doxygen documentation.

That completes the bad news for today.  Luckily these are only minor issues!

On a side note, if any Android developers are out there and willing to help out with ROV-Suite, I'd love to have an Android service that reads USB joysticks and sends the values of the axes, buttons and hats over UDP to localhost.... Just saying. ;)  You can contact me in the comments if you are willing to help out!



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