Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I have some great news regarding Monterey and Android!  With the help of Stack Overflow, I've gotten SDL to almost compile and work with a Qt application on Android.  Now I'm just missing the compiled library to link to (my compiling is spitting out undefined reference errors).  Once I can get that sorted out, you can expect a fully functional version of Monterey for Android!

Also, I've been spending some of my programming time recently working on an application for a med school student that I'm working with at a hospital near my house (I'm volunteering there).  I'm writing an application for him that will detect the coordinates of a touch on the screen of an Android (and hopefully soon, iOS) phone, log those coordinates for multiple tests on multiple planes of the hand and integrate all of the data to find out the volume of space that the patient's thumb can move in (this will help patients with congenital thumb hypoplasia).  My application is based on the proof of concept technique the med school student figured out using an iPhone drawing program and MATLAB.  Hopefully, my application will simplify the process and make it practical to use in a clinical environment.  What I'm getting at here is that development of Monterey will be slowed down a little bit for the time being due to other commitments, although this application will be completed before the end of summer (so then I will have more time to spend on ROV-Suite)!

Also, since I'm on summer vacation, I'm spending some time playing around with fun side projects that I've been meaning to get setup for quite a while now.  I finally installed Linux on my Core 2 Quad desktop that I built in the 8th grade, so it's a nice little Samba file server on my home network, now.  I've since set up SSH (something I've been wanting to play around with for awhile) and I hope to turn my desktop into a remote compiler and backup solution for my computer.  My goal is to set up cross compilation on it so that I can write my programs in OSX, and then automatically compile them for Linux and Windows (and even Android) after I push the update to my Git repo.  I find having to reboot my laptop just to compile a Windows build kind of annoying (especially when I have all of my reference windows open in Chrome), so this should be fun to try out!

On a final note, I've noticed that ROV-Suite has been getting some negative feedback on Sourceforge (people have been not recommending it).  Obviously, if you think that ROV-Suite deserves the negative feedback, then go ahead and give it a thumbs down.  But please, if you do so, comment on why.  I really enjoy working on ROV-Suite and I want to make it the best suite of applications possible, but I can only do so if I am told what is wrong with it.  If you find any bugs, please make a ticket!  I will get back to those tickets as soon as I can!

Thanks for stopping by!

Chris K


  1. hi this is great i have just found your blog and its just what i have been looking for. just a few problems i can not get it to run on a mac book pro laptop but runs on windows desktop OK.
    could you provide some basic details of rov wiring you knows works with the arduino side i have built my rov similar to the openrov design. i am new to arduino but this is so exciting as i have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure it all out
    thank you

    1. Thanks! I'm glad I could help you out! As far as running it on OSX, which version are you running? Also, have you installed the SDL runtime library from here (http://www.libsdl.org/release/SDL-1.2.15.dmg)?
      I'm going in to get my wisdom teeth removed today, so I'll make some wiring diagrams for the Arduino side of ROV-Suite in a day or two. You can also email me if you need extra help!


  2. Thank you so much Chris I do not have your email mine is alb1955@hotmail.com I am so great full for your help

  3. Sorry forgot to say I hope the teeth went ok I hate the dentist more scary than the tax man.