Friday, November 16, 2012

Update: School and College

I've been pretty quiet on my blog lately because school work and college apps have taken up a huge part of my time this past month.  Luckily, I'll be done with college apps before winter break so I can work on some side projects soon.  When I'm not doing educational work (school work, college apps, etc.), I'm working on things for my robotics team and trying to help get a programming club at my school going.  

Our (Jesuit Robotic's) ROV is looking great so far this year.  We have some ideas that we have been tossing around for a year or so that we are finally getting around to implementing!  For example, we are going to have a Raspberry Pi onboard so that we can flash our Arduino firmwares without having to open up the cans (waterproof electronics containers).  

The programming club is coming along nicely.  Two other students and myself are leading the club by teaching the other members how to use Qt to target iOS and Android (sadly, most of our members haven't had any programming experience yet).  Our first project is an application that will act as an information center about all of the clubs on campus.  We are working with the web development club on campus to create a web-based application that will let club administrators update the information about their club to include upcoming events and other notes.  

Here is an awesome Qt Developer Days video demonstrating Qt 5 on various platforms (I can't wait for Qt 5 to come out in 2013!  I'm super excited about Qt Creator 2.6 as well.).

And if you're looking to make 2D games using Qt Quick that target mobile devices, check out V-Play.  I haven't used their service yet but it looks pretty interesting!

Finally, I'm starting to make some headway again on a thumb hypoplasia analyzing Android app.  I've been stuck for a while because of third party library linking (and using) issues, but now a friend of mine offered an alternative solution.  Instead of finding a 3D volume that the thumb can move in, I could instead find the area on different planes that the thumb can move in.  It's much easier to calculate area than it is volume!  I plan to get some work done on that tonight because I'd like to start testing out a beta version of it ASAP.

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