Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Android Git Client (GUI)

Great news!  I've started working on a GUI Git client for Android devices.  Right now, all it does is install Git and then display the version, but I'll expand on the feature set in the coming months.  It is written in Qt using Necessitas.  Right now, I use wget (from BusyBox, I believe) to download a Git binary, but I plan on writing a downloader class to handle that because stock Android does not have wget (or that's what my testing has shown).  The UI then passes commands to the git binary using QProcess.  Yes, this is not the most elegant way to handle Git, but it works.  Also, this will let me expose the entire feature set of Git to the GUI.  You can find the source for it here.  Please keep in mind that the current app is currently in a proof-of-concept state, so the code may be a little sloppy.  Sorry about that!  I'll be cleaning up the current code as I flesh out this app.

You can find the proof-of-concept build here.  When you run it, please be patient with the initial black screen!  I need to show a progress indicator for the git binary download, but right now there is no indication that the app is running.  It should show a black screen for a few seconds while it downloads the 5.5MB binary.

Thanks for stopping by!

Chris Konstad

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