Monday, August 26, 2013

Monterey 3.0 Crash on Windows

Just a quick warning that Monterey 3.0 is crashing on some Windows systems (win7 32bit AND 64bit) with a VC++ runtime error, which is weird because I compiled it with Mingw32 and I get no errors on my system.  I can, however, reproduce the error on another machine in my house.  I'm working with the person who found the bug to fix it and I'll post the fixed release as soon as I can.

Monterey was compiled with MinGW 4.8 32bit with Qt 5.1.0(mingw48_32) from the Qt SDK on Windows 7 64bit.

Sorry about this,



  1. I'm going to see about compiling it with Visual Studio 2012 and see what goes on with that. I'll have to use a different build of SDL... hmm... no one likes to build for 2012 x64 :( I built SDL, but linking with qmake is seemingly impossible for x64 2012 VC++ builds. It never fails. I'm beginning to wonder if it's a bug in Qt itself, as it tells me that it's trying to find "libname.lib.dll" or something weird like that, even though I don't add any additional file type specifiers. Weird.

  2. Okay. Sounds good! Yikes. That's not fun... I posted the issue to Stack Overflow here:

    Any knowledge on DLL checksums? Specifically, Real vs Link and what it means when they aren't equal?

  3. The only thing I can think of is that MinGW isn't referencing the MSVC compiled DLL's right. i.e. it could be trying to call a function at a specific point or something, but it's trying to access the wrong part due to incompatibility. Unfortunately, I haven't been using C++ DLLs much anymore, simply because they were getting to be a nuisance with so many different architectures/compilers.

  4. Hey Chris. Just curious if you haven't been getting on the IRC lately. I want to make sure that everything's working, as I'm still not used to IRC :P