Friday, August 16, 2013

Monterey 3.0 Status Report

This is a screenshot of the most recent version of ROV-Suite's Monterey ROV control application.  There is now a working HUD and a newer, nicer theme thanks to QuantumCD's Dark Fusion palette.  As of right now, there are 12 open issues between Monterey 3.0 beta and Monterey 3.0 stable, but they should all be fairly easy to take care of.  A few of theme are graphical changes (removing those LEDs and replacing them with nicer status indicators) and some of them fix bugs.  Check here for more information.

Now I also have an important announcement to make.  Monterey has been shifted from my personal Github account to an ROV-Suite organization account.  You can find all repos and releases relating to Monterey at  I really do apologize for moving ROV-Suite around so much, but I do think that it's for the better.  I also wanted to make this change before releasing 3.0, which is a huge milestone for Monterey.

Please note that in it's current state, Monterey does not compile on Linux or run on OSX.  Both of those bugs are being looked at (I have already fixed the Linux issue but I still need to push it) and will be addressed soon.  Monterey will NOT be a Windows-exclusive.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll post some more information regarding changes to Monterey soon!

Chris Konstad

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