Friday, February 17, 2012

Qt + SDL on OSX

First things first:  I spend way more time in Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro than I do in OSX SL.  So when I finally learned a little about OSX's frameworks and *.dylibs I thought I'd give Qt and SDL on OSX another try.  After about 30 minutes of research, I have successfully used SDL on OSX to read joysticks using a Qt application!  Now, I can configure Monterey to compile on OSX and rov-suite will be another step closer to it's full cross-platform distribution that I set out to create when I first started it.

Here's the photographic proof:

I got the original Joypick source code from  By the way, the developer of Joypick is the same guy that I got the QJoystick class from... which I use in Monterey.  It's the best class that I've found out there for reading USB joysticks.  If you are looking to use USB joysticks in Qt, check it out!

I'm pretty busy right now with things other than programming, but I'll post a tutorial about how to use Qt and SDL on OSX here soon (within the next week).  

Thanks for stopping by!

Chris K

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