Thursday, April 5, 2012

More rov-suite Planning

I've been doing more planning work on how I'm going to tackle the base of Monterey's code.  I'm leaning towards having a QROV object that holds all of the data regarding the ROV's status (motor values, relay values, relay names, etc).  Then, there will be a QROVController object that is used to adjust the QROV values and send a packet to the ROV based on the QROV values.  The QROVController object will handle reading the joystick through QJoystick, although it will probably have a subobject (QJoystickHandler) that will manage the joystick's deadzones and bilinear scaling.  All of the settings and UI inputs will go into the MainWindow class and from there affect QROVController.  This is my current plan of action that I will continue development on soon.

My goal from Monterey is to make it as portable and user friendly as possible.  I recently found out that QSettings lets you force it into saving the settings in a *.ini file instead of in the registry or another location.  I'm going to play around with that, because having of the settings in a separate file will make sharing settings and backing them up easier than it has ever been before.

I had been planning on doing most of the QROVController development during this Spring Break, but other plans have changed that.  Therefore, my initial goal of a mid June release *might* have to be pushed off until late June.  Although a night of two of heavy programming and caffeine might make up for this... ;)

If you have any suggestions, comments or feature requests, let me know!  I'd love to incorporate them!


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