Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Update on the Progress of Monterey

I've been working a fair amount recently on Monterey v2.0.  I've been hammering out some code, too (which is always nice)!  Extremely basic functionality is being added right now, with the fancier features to be added later.  Monterey can now send and receive UDP packets.  It can also read the UI's inputs for the relays and servos (and it defaults the motor values when no joystick is present).  Monterey is now also able to save and load settings (partially... still working on fleshing that out).  Although I do plan on making it so that Monterey's settings are stored in an *.ini file so that they are easy to share, backup and copy, I have yet to enable that in my code.  That'll be a feature that comes closer to the release date.

In other news, I'm still working on getting SDL to work with Qt on Android.  If anyone can help me out with that, I'd really appreciate it!  I took yet another stab at doing that today even though I am still only partially familiar with Android programming and I wound up with over 90K errors.  Yes, you read that right: Over 90,000 errors*.  I'm not counting the build warnings, either.  I'm solely counting those red stop signs that appear during the build process.  The picture below doesn't show 90k build errors, but that's because I took the picture before I reached that number.

*I obviously didn't build it right or I used one source version for building the shared object library and another version of the source for the includes.

Anyway, I'm slowly but surely churning out the codebase for Monterey.  It is my first application that I am really stressing OOP and multiple windows, so I'm learning a fair amount of the practical application of those (including sharing data between windows).  But hey!  What fun is working on a new project if you don't learn about anything new?

Thanks for stopping by!

Chris K

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