Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ROV-suite: Monterey 2.0.0 Beta

Great news!  The beta release of Monterey version 2.0.0 is finally here!  This is the moment that many of you have waiting for since the end of 2011.  I have to say that because of the new features, better UI and cleaner code, the wait was well worth it!  Since I got this application ready earlier than expected, the bottomside code to compliment it and the documentation for both are going to be released sometime in the June and July time frame.  Since the source is available online on the repo, you can get all of the documentation you need from there (for the time being).  Also, feel free to compile it from source if I haven't uploaded a binary for your system by the time you read this!  I'll put the Windows binary up first (I'm in that OS at the moment) with the OSX binary soon following.  After that, I'll get around to putting up the Linux binary.  So far, I've only tested this in Windows and OSX (I haven't done much development work in Linux), so it might be a few days until I have the Linux binary up.

Also, I'm already coming up with more ideas to implement within ROV-suite.  For instance, how about using a wireless Xbox360 controller to pilot the ROV with an Android tablet application as your UI (due to joystick libraries Monterey would have be running on a laptop on the network)?  This could aid debugging and normal operations by increasing portability and flexibility.

But before I go off and start adding more features, I do want to put out some top-notch documentation and a complimentary bottomside firmware so that using an Arduino with Ethernet support (either Arduino Ethernet or an Arduino with a shield), you can have an operational ROV as quickly as possible!

Thanks for stopping by and expect more information (and posts) on ROV-suite soon!

Chris K

P.S.  I'm pretty tired tonight so this is kind of a brief post that doesn't go into too many details.  You can expect more technical details later.  Also... Happy 20th post!!!!!


  1. Chris,
    Thought I'd give this a shot but I keep getting an error message and it force quits without ever opening. Anyone else having this issue?

    1. Hey Jake,

      Thanks for bringing a bug to my attention! I'm more than happy to work on it. What operating system are you running on?