Sunday, June 10, 2012

ROV-suite: Tahoe

I've been working recently on the portable (tablet and netbook) UI for Monterey, and here's a screenshot! How does this work?  Simple!  Once running Monterey, join the same network (ad-hoc should work) with your tablet and then start up Tahoe!  The two will communicate over UDP and Tahoe's controls will operate the ROV.  Right now, Tahoe isn't complete, so this is just a sneak peak at things to come.  When finished, Tahoe will also display all of the sensor values with sensor names and units.  Even the relay names will sync with Monterey!

There are a few issues at the moment that I will need to work out.  First (not really an issue) is that Tahoe isn't completed yet.  I still need to add the code that displays the sensor values (even the code for my awesome compass that I got the background and outer ring from the QFlightInstruments project).  Also, my goal is to make a seamless sync between Tahoe and Monterey.  When a value is adjusted in one, it is adjusted properly in the other and also sent to the ROV.  Currently, Tahoe just overwrites anything that Monterey does, and Monterey does not display the change in its GUI (unless you check the debug window's packet display).

There's still work left to do on Tahoe, and same with Monterey.  But!  Thankfully the beta release of Monterey is out and since it's release, there have already been 20 downloads!  I am still working on getting out the documentation for Monterey and, of course, I'm working on writing and Arduino firmware that will act as the ROV's firmware ("bottomside code") for ROV-suite.  And as always, feel free to write your own!

Thanks for stopping by!

Chris K

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