Monday, July 15, 2013

ROV-Suite: OpenROV Compatible Bottomside

Here's the wiring diagram showing how to wire up the Arduino and Raspberry Pi (powered by a uBEC of your choice).  It's missing ethernet and the webcamera (along with any sensors of your choice), but those are easy to figure out where to plug in.  The webcamera plugs into the Raspberry Pi's second USB port (the Arduino is in the first one).  The ethernet might need to go to a small networking hub, but both the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi should be plugged into the ethernet.  Unlike OpenROV, which uses the BeagleBone as the only attachment point for the network which then forwards the command packets to the Arduino over serial, the Raspberry Pi in this setup doesn't act as a forwarder.  Instead, the Arduino gets the packets directly from Monterey.  The Raspberry Pi is there to forward the webcamera video, allow for remote Arduino firmware flashing, etc.  It is also used to power the Arduino, but that could also be done using the uBEC and the Arduino's VIN pin.

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