Thursday, June 28, 2012

Monterey: Updater

(images from the author of the Fervor updater library)

I love adding new features to ROV-Suite to make it the best application for driving ROVs that you can find. I really do.  Since most of the base functionality is down (I still need to work on IP camera support and more debugging options), I'm starting to play around with new libraries to add useful features.  For instance, I'll be adding a library soon (shown above) that will alert the user when a newer version of Monterey is available and it will show the user a download URL.  I've been looking at the download numbers at ROV-Suite's SourceForge page, and it looks like most people aren't updating their older versions of Monterey to the latest version.  Maybe it's because they grabbed it early and used the Dropbox link that I put out, or maybe they just haven't checked back in with the project yet.  Either way, by adding this updater (which can be disabled from the preference pane), the user will be alerted to any newer versions, which often include bug fixes and awesome new features!

In other news, ROV-Suite has been well past the 100 downloads mark (56ish due to NetworkingTest alone) for quite a while now.  Monterey is pulling close to that threshold with 80 downloads so far (as of today)!  I'm looking forward to posting about the 100th download of Monterey which I have a feeling will be pretty soon!

Also, I'm not sure if I mentioned this already or not, but the early version of the bottomside software is already on the SourceForge page!  You can view it in the repo here.  Since it's a fairly simple setup, I'm not going to put it in the downloads page.  I'll start doing that later when I have a bunch of 3rd party libraries included with it.

If you have used Monterey to drive an ROV already or if you have any feedback, please let me know!  I'd love to post a quick blog entry with photos and a story or two. And, as always, feedback is very welcomed!


Chris K

Edit:  Apparently there have been 92(!) downloads of Monterey at Softpedia!

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