Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Graph for Monterey?

I don't like linking to external libraries (DLLs, etc).  I avoid them at all costs.  Why?  Well, when trying to share source code, it's hard to make sure that everyone has everything that they need to have to both compile and run the code.  I use SDL for joysticks because, well, I kinda have to.  If I could do it all from within Qt or from raw *.h and *.cpp files, I would.  I found this QCustomPlot awhile ago when I was working on an Android application (written in Qt, of course) and it worked great!  Now that it's matured even more, I'll probably get rid of the current Qwt code and replace it with this QCustomPlot.  It's just one less library to link to and one less linkage that could cause someone compiler errors.  On windows, it's one less DLL to include in the folder.  On OSX, it's one less framework to bundle.  On Linux, I assume it'll be one less shared object to link to (I have yet to build Monterey on Linux).

Anyways, if all goes according to plan, I'll change out the graphs seamlessly tonight and then hopefully improve Tahoe's integration with Monterey.  Then maybe I'll get some sleep.  We'll see.  ;)

Any comments, questions or concerns?  Anyone know of a good way of getting USB joysticks to work in Qt on Android?  Feel free to ask/answer in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by!

Chris K

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