Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NetworkingTest on Google Play!

Great news!  I finally got Networking Test out on Google Play!  It took some learning on my part, but I finally found out how to use layouts properly to make a fully scalable GUI using QWidgets.  The desktop versions of NetworkingTest will be receiving that feature soon (on Windows and OSX).  I'm really happy to have consolidated the codebase for the Android and desktop versions!  Now features and bugs that are fixed for one version don't have to be replicated for the other version.  

You can find the Android version on Google Play for $1.00.

Android app on Google Play

As a side note, today Nick, Alex and I etched a circuit board (to make own our Arduino) using nothing but muriatic acid and hydrogen peroxide.  It turned out great!  I'd post some pictures of it but Alex has them.  I'll upload some later.

Thanks for stopping by!

Chris K

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