Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Graph for Monterey! (and other minor changes)

Great news!  Qwt is no longer needed to compile Monterey!  That may not seem like a huge deal at first, but now the code base for Monterey is much smaller and that is one less external dependency required to compile and run Monterey on *each* and every system it can run on.  That makes my job easier!  Also, I have added the blue tint to the graph to make it easier to see at a glance.  Also, earlier today I slightly modified the main window's title to display the curent version of Monterey.

Let's see..... Oh yeah!  I also changed some of Monterey's backend so now any commands sent from Tahoe to the ROV show up in Monterey's UI.  Now I just have to see if I can get Tahoe's commands to sync with Monterey.  I wouldn't bet on getting that to work just yet, though, because the communication between Tahoe and Monterey is UDP based.  I am hoping to switch that to TCP later this summer so that I can take advantage of event-based communication between Tahoe and Monterey.

Also, I need to add an LED to Monterey to show that Tahoe is indeed connected to it.  And of course, I need to finish up Tahoe.  When Tahoe is completed, I'll upload to Google Play.  I'm thinking of having a free version and a paid version, but don't worry!  Both applications will be the exact same and both will have their source on the SourceForge page.  The only difference will be that if you buy one of them, then you donate money to me.  If you buy the other, you don't.

I have no intention on making ROV-suite closed source or a paid application suite.  Let me rephrase that:  ROV-suite will never be closed source and you will never ever EVER have to pay even a dime to use the latest version!  This has been a FOSS project and it will always be FOSS.  The only exception to this are Android and (possible) iOS applications.  Those can be (read: not necessarily) paid apps to help offset development costs (paying to be a developer, etc).  But any part of ROV-suite necessary for normal functionality is, and will always be, free (the mobile apps are not key parts of ROV-suite.  They are more like plugins or addons)!  Keep in mind, all parts of ROV-suite (even the paid apps) will have their source at, so you can always compile your own binary (it's easy!) if you want it for free.

Until I got my early-2011 MacBook Pro, I had an older Dell Inspiron E1505 that I ran XP on until I was in the 6th or 7th grade.  Then I started off with DreamLinux and eventually found Ubuntu.  From then until early-2011 (a couple of years), I used Ubuntu as my main OS (I tripled booted with XP and Vista).  I love free and open source applications and I have always wanted to do *something* to help give back to the open source community.  Now, I finally have my chance.  I have experience in this field because of my team and I have finally matured my programming skills enough to be able to be a passable programmer.  I would say that's the only reason why I do this, but then I'd be lying.  I love programming, but I only enjoy it when I have a goal, a project, an objective.  ROV-suite gives me that.  Plus, it's fun and I get to learn a lot about new techniques and new technologies (e.g. QML).  :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Chris K
P.S.  Sorry about the depth of this post near the end.

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